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The year is 2377. Earth is a lame and depressed place to live. Reason: Animals have been wiped from the face of the planet. Even after groundbreaking technological advancements, the human race lives a robotic and mundane life. Happiness is a far fetched dream until a little girl changes everything for good. She accidentally opens a portal and in come the PAWsitives from The Andromeda Galaxy.

The PAWsitive Cats (1st of the 3 PAWsitives NFTs) enter our planet and immediately there is a huge surge of positive energy. Since their arrival, these unique cats have brought immense positivity and happiness to their owners’ lives. No wonder there has been a huge demand for these PAWsitive Cats but the problem is only 7777 are left. Will you be lucky enough to own them?


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Royal Zenithals

All-powerful superbeings
and leaders of the clan,
Population : 1%

Elite Intermediates

Extremely classy and
brainpower of the clan,
Population : 19%

Quirky Conventionals

Hardworking commoners
and most colourful of the clan,
Population : 80%

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Only 7,777 PAWsitive Cats are available. Why 7777?

As per the legends, number 7777 is considered sacred by many spiritualists.. this number is being used by your guardian angels to assist you in developing a strong attitude, awakening your spirit, and realizing your own potential !! what better than this, eh?

Our goal is to become the safest and most profitable NFT investment in 2022. In order to achieve this, we feel, two things are of utmost importance – creating value and developing an atmosphere to avoid short term trading (which will damage floor price)

To do this, we have developed a decent plan which will of course be ever evolving, keeping in mind the inputs from our community.

Have a strong community base

It goes without saying, a strong community is the first pillar for any successful NFT project. We intend to be very active in our discord, twitter and instagram handles, always giving meaningful insights into our project, welcoming inputs from our growing community and rewarding early supporters/active members.

Creating value

We intend to take our NFTs to the Sandbox metaverse. More details will be provided as and when the project progresses but we have a simple outline on how we would like to go about it

Purchase land on the Sandbox metaverse once we sell 2500 PAWsitives

Every holder will be allowed to claim a 3D voxel PAWsitive Cat to be used in the metaverse

A PAW-museum to display the NFTs and a PAW-house to chill and hangout

The ultimate aim would be to create a Play-to-Earn game in the metaverse

Protecting the floor price

Poor planning and execution has led many projects of late to fall into the trap of mass selling soon after mint. To counter this and safeguard the investment of our holders, we want to motivate members to hold their respective NFTs for longer in order to raise floor prices. We intend to achieve this by

Offering free mint of 3D PAWsitive cats to 2,222 holders, which will be available 30 days from 2D collection mint completion (1,111 for whitelist-sale holders and remaining for public-sale holders)

Each day, until the release of the 3D collection, a randomly selected holder will receive crypto $1,000 USDT

A little something for the holders

05 airdrops on selling 1500 PAWsitives

10 airdrops on selling 3000 PAWsitives

15 airdrops on selling 4500 PAWsitives

10 holders will receive 0.10 ETH each on selling 6000 PAWsitives

02 holders will receive 1 ETH each on selling 7500 PAWsitives

A little something for the society

We are looking for good animal donation centres and would love our community’s inputs on this. In the meanwhile, we have also decided to donate in savethechildren organisation as follows

01 ETH will be donated to on selling 2500 PAWsitives

02 ETH will be donated to on selling 5000 PAWsitives

03 ETH will be donated to on selling 7500 PAWsitives

Future of PAWsitives NFTs

PAWsitive Cats (Pawsitive NFT, the best place to buy nft art online) is one of the 3 PAWsitive animal species, we intend to do 2 more in the PAWsitives series. Next character has mostly been finalized. It will be PAWsitive Sketched Dogs or PAWsitive 3D Dogs (we will take our community’s vote on this). We will be sharing some info about the same in the coming weeks. The 3rd character will mostly be Dinos.

Again, our intention is to create value and provide good returns for our community and we will go all out to achieve the same.


(to be updated on 10th March)


ambitious nobody


disturb me not nobody


nomad nobody

Web Designer

coffee lover nobody

The expert in anything was once a beginner” – Helen Hayes

Honestly speaking there are no big collabs or big artists here. Just a bunch of nobodys’ really.
Although we are not known in the NFT space, we are here for the long run.

A major reason why we entered this space, is that it has removed the middle-person and has given
the power back to the creators. No wonder we have poured all our heart and soul into this project and are
hoping everyone appreciates our nft artwork (and buy it too) 🙂